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Buddha Bar Fargo Handicapped 8-Ball Tournament

04/11/20 | Chris Lee

🎱 The 8-Ball Tournament is held every Sunday from 2PM - 7PM 🎱 Entry Fee is 50k + a Free Beer + Free Finger Food 🍻

The newly formed, SPL Endorsed, Fargo Handicapped Tournament Format will be held every Sunday at BB Pub & Grill.

Every player will have an equal chance to win, whether you're a Social Division Player or a Premiership Player.
If you are interested in joining, please let us know by pre-registering at the bar.

There is a 50k Entry Fee which comes with a FREE BEER to kick things off, plus an assortment of FREE FINGER FOOD will be served.
The competition starts from 2 PM and runs through to 7 PM. Players can join at any point, but will be expected to play at least 10 frames to be counted in the Winner's List.

Saigon Pool League Handicaps will automatically be updated after each tournament.

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